The Foundations of Mind Group at Johns Hopkins connects faculty, post-docs, and graduate students across the university who are interested in philosophical, theoretical, and methodological questions concerning the mind-brain. We collaborate, co-teach, co-advise, organize reading groups, and sponsor talks and other events. It's one of the most vibrant and active interdisciplinary groups of its kind: come join us!



  • A warm welcome to Simon Brown, who joins us as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Foundations of Mind!

  • A warm welcome to Ian Tully, who joins us as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy and Mental Disorder!

  • The Philosophy Department is hiring (open rank, open area). Click here for more info.

  • Welcome new Bloomberg Distinguished Professors Hanna Pickard and Ian Phillips!

  • Congratulations to Austin Baker, Jorge Morales, and Chaz Firestone whose "'You're my doctor?': Social stereotypes impair recognition of incidental visual features" won the 2019 SPP Poster Prize!

  • Congratulations to Steven Gross on becoming President-Elect of the SPP!




Confirmed Speakers: 

Colin Allen (History and Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh)

Hayley Clatterbuck (Philosophy, UW Madison)

Chris Krupenye (Psychology, Durham / Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins)

Alexandra Rosati (Psychology & Anthropology, University of Michigan)

13:00-17:00, 22-23 April 2021

PhilEvents Page

Call for Abstracts

For more events, check out the links below.

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